UNIT INTRO (How I would speak to my class on Monday of the Unit): The reason we’re going to be learning about MSEP, the Midwest Student Exchange Program, is because all of you are currently potential college students and it’s important to know your financial options, especially regionally, for university. I’ve set aside three days for the content of this Mini-Unit, Monday through Wednesday this week so starting today, and this is so we have enough time to explore all of the issues laid out, and then we’ll do an assessment on Thursday, and that’ll just be a group poster and I’ll explain more about that later, and maybe the posters will go into Friday, so I’m leaving that time on purpose. Because then on Friday, I want us to do a walkthrough style of presentation so that no one has to stand in front of the class, but so we can all see each other’s’ work.

In Depth Unit Intro: My students will explore the history of MSEP and what it has become nowadays. This is so they can understand the local political landscape of higher education opportunities available to them. On Monday, students will look at the history of MSEP: when it was founded, why it was founded, and how it operated in its formative years. On Tuesday, students will look at the devolution of MSEP- when schools started pulling out, any reasons they gave at the time for why they did so, and they will also look at the political and economic landscape of that era and if the states that pulled out were experiencing economic downturn. On Wednesday, students will look at the current function of MSEP- what states entirely are involved, if any other schools in other states have participating programs, and how this affects them. On Thursday, students will create a poster in groups of two OR three. They will create their own groups with folks sitting near them. On the posters they will summarize what we learned each day:

Groups of three: One student will outline the history of MSEP, one student will outline the devolution and context of the devolution of MSEP in some previously involved states, and one student will outline the current function and explain how they might be impacted by it.

Groups of two: One student will outline the History and the current reality of MSEP, and the other student will outline the devolution of MSEP as well as the political and economic context of that time and what factors may have impacted those states dropping out. I have chosen to divide the work this way because then in the groups of two both students have 2 responsibilities for their work.

All groups: Students will include a COLOR KEY on the poster to indicate which student completed which section of the poster. This poster will be for an individual assessment grade.

This addresses “The history of organized labor and the collective bargaining process,” Standard 4 of Historical Eras and Themes in Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies, and it reflects being high quality social studies instruction because it potentially connects to students lives and futures in education if they choose to pursue a college/ university degree. Education should reflect the reality of students lives. Additionally, it is a personal connection that shows a real world application of the economy on the rest of a state’s function which is integral to learning about the society that they live in.



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