Why Do I go to The Gym?

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When i was a kid, i've always been afraid to go to the gym. The main reason is because of my brother.

You see, since i was a kid my brother used to bully me. He treat me as the inferior and intimidate me in various ways, i guess.. He also loves to boast about himself, while degrading other people. Then when he started to go to the gym, he boast even more. He always implied (sometimes explicitly said) that somehow i was less manlier than him. Thats why, In my imagination gym is a place where cocky frat boys gathered and boast about themselves.

My brother did really well though. He work hard, drink supplement, gain some muscle, and some body definiton. But, by the time he started to work, he stopped the gym. And now he has somekind of weird body. When i said weird, it does not mean he is fat. Sure he is sort of fat, but his body proportion is the thing that disturb me.. it's like, his shoulder looks tense all the time and his stomach looks weird.. i don't know how to explain it.. Also, after so many years going to the gym, he doesn't change his lifestyle a bit. I mean he doesn't put any effort to be healthy.. except he plays badminton three rimes a week.

Bottom line.. the reason why i'm afraid to go the gym because i don't want to be like my brother. He was so obssessed of being manly, having muscle. He taking supplement, but not changing his lifestyle. Moreover, he still boast about how his body has more muscle... yeahh, whatever..

For me, gym is not supposed to be a place where you pressured yourself with a nearly impossible body goals, and worn yourself out at the end.

Gym should be a place, where you can safely learn about health and fitness.

Then you can make a commitment to change your lifestyle permanently.

Well, after i said all this things, ironically i also go to the gym. Yes, i joined the gym 2 years ago because there are so much pressure. My sister call me skinny, my parents told me to eat more(i'm not that skinny though, i'm 5,7 feet, 138 pounds), and you already knows what my brother said.

So after 2 years going to the gym, what's change in my life? Uhm, NOTHING.. except i increase my weight for 15 pounds. But its barely notice-able. My friend once told me, 
"You went to the gym, eh? Where is the muscle?"

But eventhough i only change a bit. One thing that i know for sure is i learn to live a healthier live everyday. And that’s what matter. I also learn that most of gym people are actually nice haha.

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