With Anchor.fm’s new Listener Support feature, anyone can start and get paid for podcasting.

Anyone who has ever tried getting rich on YouTube or blogging knows it is nearly impossible. Podcasting is the same beast. It often takes thousands of listeners before advertisers will even to respond to your email, and most podcasts don’t get that far.

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My Podcasting Setup for Admissions Uncovered

Anchor’s new Listener Support feature won’t make you rich instantly, but it will let creators start monetizing their content at any time, unlike other platforms like YouTube that have audience size minimums.

It took me less than 5 minutes to set up Admissions Uncovered’s Listener Support button. When listeners visit my Anchor.fm page, they can click the…

In case the birth of our nation wasn’t enough.

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“An American flag flies in the wind atop a flagpole” by Brandon Day on Unsplash

On July 4th, 1776, our founding fathers wrote a document that would birth a new nation and a new world — one of democracy and of freedom for all. While we commemorate our country’s birthday, here are four more things to celebrate:

Alice in Wonderland

President Donald Trump’s recent summit with North Korea only masks deeper problems in the United States-South Korean relationship.

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President Donald J. Trump and President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea at the United Nations General Assembly (Official White House Photo by Stephanie K. Chasez)

President Donald Trump’s recent summit with North Korea has its fair share of critics among domestic national security experts. However, its biggest fan may be the one with the most at stake: South Korean president Moon Jae-in. Immediately after the summit, Moon congratulated Trump and called the summit a “historic event”. After the summit was announced, Moon reportedly said that Trump deserved a Nobel Peace Prize.

Yet for all the praise exchanged between the two leaders, the South Korean-United States alliance may be at a breaking point. Moon is skeptical of South Korea’s historic reliance on the United States. …

The Imperfection of a Perfect Podcast

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Our New Podcast — Admissions Uncovered

For the past three years, I had a one-hour commute to get to school. Every day, I sat on a crowded, noisy train, staring mindlessly out the window and hoping that the seat next to me would stay empty for just one more stop. Trust me, when you take public transportation as often as I did, podcasts become your best friend.

As much as I loved listening to podcasts though, I never thought I would record one. I mean, I’m no pro: I didn’t follow the latest in Apple news or make YouTube videos. I still don’t. I definitely didn’t…

Michael Gao

Test prep tutor, college admissions consultant, podcaster, news geek, and politics nerd. michaeldgao.com

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