Privately Buying a Domain Name with Zcash

This morning, I bought and set up a custom domain using Zcash. Nobody had to know. The WHOIS information is non-existent, the transaction encrypts the sender, the recipient, and the amount. I was invisible. As a smart, inquisitive reader, the first question you might be asking is “So… why are you telling me this? Doesn’t this go against the point of anonymity?”

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It’s great to choose to be connected.

The answer is simple. I’m telling you because I’m ok with the information being public. The key is that it’s my choice. That’s a luxury I wouldn’t have with other payment platforms. Privacy is about consent. Instead of setting up my web site in a panopticon, I set it up in my own space, and chose to tell you, my friends, about it. Privacy preserves human dignity. I am not not going gently into the “good night” of presumed state/corporate (Not pointing fingers! I mean any state or corporation) surveillance.

It’s not hard.

I used, but there are other options. You can find them(and other merchants who accept ZEC) at The order process was exactly like any other domain vendor. I chose because it was cheap, memorable, and I like the rhythm of it (The English major in me is still alive, I guess.) It cost €15, or just under .5 ZEC today.

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I paid their shielded z-address from my shielded z-address. (some call it z2z) I had my domain after ~12 confirmations (a half hour or so.) It works!

It hooked up pretty quickly to my humble Netlify hosting, and I was more or less done. The process to do this will depend on your platform, but it boils down to this:
1. Point your domain at your hosted site’s IP and Name Servers

2. Set your hosting to serve your new custom domain

Trust me when I say that it’s not hard. You can do this.

Making servers across the world communicate and update records takes a little while, but everything down to the SSL was done by the afternoon. I’m pretty happy and relieved, because I’ve never worked with custom domains before, and it turns out it’s easy. And I got something real with my magic beans/cybercoins/cryptos. What a blessing to be alive in 2019! I expect things will only get cooler.

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