This is NOT a blog. This is just a compilation of the things I learnt since I started managing developers back in 2010. These learnings could be valuable for Software Development Managers on their day-to-day operations, Engineers who were just promoted to management positions and are a bit lost, people just applying for SDM positions, etc. But mostly this is for me, because I see the same problems happening every other year and I keep forgetting how I solved those issues in the past (or how I should have solved them).

I like the STAR approach (Situation, Task, Action, Result) some interviewers use because it will allow me to frame each situation in a proper context and, since I’m not a writer, it will give me a structure easy to remember but detailed enough to draw practical conclusions for similar situations.

Apart from the STAR approach, I intend to add a specific takeaway for each of the situations I had to deal in the past.

I hope my memory stays strong…

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