First, there is no such thing as ‘capitalism’.
Flavio Zanchi

The only issue I see is that we as a species have a (built in) tendency to exploit. A fine thing back in the day when there were endless “greener pastures”: if you ruin your environment, no worries, just move on. When things get bounded is when this feature becomes problematic. One need only look at Haiti to see what laissez-faire + limited resources can do to a system in a very short time (please note there endless other examples, Easter Island just being one). As such, if we could somehow enforce “internalizing” the true costs of using shared resources (currently “externalized” in our version of capitalism) then perhaps government regulations would no longer be necessary — the market would self-correct as all costs were on the table. The question is how could one ever enforce it without government? Trusting “the market” to do the right thing is not an answer.

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