What do I want to do when I grow up?

Also, when do I have to answer this by?

So, I’m in a pickle and I need your help. That’s not a rhetorical request for the sake of engagement. I am genuinely open to suggestions.

I have 3 great loves. Maybe 4. Ok, 4 or 5. But let’s just say 3 for the sake of this piece.

  1. Football
  2. Harry Potter (Sherlock Holmes is also Arthur Conan Doyle’s gift to mankind.)
  3. Talking (Obviously.)
  4. Working is actually really growing on me. Utterly addictive. (But we’ll save that for another post.)

As for what I do (in varying frequency):

I am an events manager.
I am a bartender and waiter.
I am a sports coordinator.
I am a comedian and MC.
I am a musician. (Guitar and Vocals, not very exotic.) (For context, I find the Triangle to be exotic.)
I am a speaker about travel, social media, hospitality and attitudes to strategy.
I am a football (“Soccer”, if you’re from that side of the pond.) player. Perfectly willing to play professionally if you just, like, feed me or something. Put the word out if you know any clubs in need of a CAM or CF.
I am also constantly trying to learn and grow. (I feel like this is more realistically my favourite thing to do.)

So, I think that the crux of the matter is that I’m so often completely in love with the process of whatever I’m currently doing and trying to perfect it, that every time something new comes up - I’m obsessed. That is, until the next groovy thing comes along.

Two weeks ago I wanted to begin a virtual winery and this week I want to run a tech startup. I’m even keeping a few slots open in my diary next month for when I start forming my The Kooks cover band. How naive?

It would most certainly be fair to say that my brain is a little bit all over the place and the truth is that I really do thrive in the chaos of the world that is constantly happening around me.

I read an incredible quote very recently that went along the lines of “Time is like a river, in the sense that you can touch a stream but those drops will never flow past your fingers again.” I love the concept that I really do only have one chance to make something of this life and to be brutally honest with you, I want to do all of those things until the day I die.

I want to wake up, work my arse off, come home, and be exhausted, but when someone asks what I did that day I’ll be able to say that I did 6 impossible things before breakfast.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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