OKC News Digest and Social Media Digest FAQs

Updated June 2018

  1. What is the OKC News Digest and Social Media Digest?
    A daily email of news links and social media posts relevant to the City of Oklahoma City government. It shows City staff and others a snapshot of what we are saying as a City and what is being said about us — plus things that affect us or that we care about.
  2. Who puts them together?
    Michael Kimball, staff reporter in the City’s Public Information and Marketing Office, 2nd floor of City Hall, michael.kimball@okc.gov, (405) 297–2669, @mkimball011.
  3. Who gets them?
    City staff members who want them, public relations professionals with whom we work and people connected to organizations like Downtown OKC, Inc., and the Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City.
  4. How are the links and posts gathered?
    Links for the News Digest are gathered as they happen during the work day for breaking news stories, and/or each weekday morning when newspaper and TV websites have updated their content. Most links come from a manual scan of news websites and Twitter, much like you would do on your own. (Also, the TV websites are terrible and they don’t put all their stories online, and the ones they do put online aren’t always easy to find. So those are harder.) Posts for the Social Media Digest are gathered manually searching for City mentions, going to individual City-affiliated social media profile pages and looking at a saved list of City-affiliated tweets.
  5. What sites might News Digest links come from? — okc.gov and other City-affiliated websites. — Every traditional English-language news website covering OKC that creates and posts its own content: The Oklahoman/NewsOK, the Journal Record, the Oklahoma Gazette, KFOR, KWTV, KOCO, KOKH, OETA, KGOU, etc. — Alternative traditional news sources: the Black Chronicle, OKC Friday, the City Sentinel, etc. — Blogs and other new media: The Lost Ogle, OKCTalk, Oklahoma City Free Press, etc. — Spanish-language media: Telemundo, Nuestra Comunidad, etc. — National or international media stories with City of OKC-related content.
  6. Why are smaller and/or nontraditional news sources included?
    The idea is to include almost everything we can find that someone is saying to or about the City of Oklahoma City. You can decide the newsworthiness of a link or tweet on your own, taking into account the source and the content. There’s no attempt to persuade you a source or link or tweet is or isn’t important, only to show you it’s out there.
  7. What stories or social media posts automatically make the cut to be included?
    Any story or opinion piece we find that directly mentions the City of Oklahoma City government (excluding routine crime/fire/emergency stories) is included in the News Digest. This includes stories and opinion pieces about the City Council and its members. Social media posts promoting those stories are also sometimesincluded, from the news organizations/websites and reporters themselves to notable mentions from other people. Likewise, most social media posts addressing one of the main City accounts with a problem or comment is included in the Social Media Digest. Many posts from official City-affiliated social media accounts are also included, including from Council members.
  8. What else is included?
    Notable news stories and opinion pieces about issues that affect the City (for example, stories about education, legislation or important economic developments) are included in the News Digest, even if there’s no direct tie to City government. But usually, only stories with obvious implications for the City make the cut.
  9. What does ($) mean?
    It means a story is behind a pay wall, so you have to have access to a paid subscription to read it. You can either buy a subscription, ask whoever is responsible for your department’s newspaper subscription to share the story with you, or, if you have no alternative and simply must be able to read a story behind a pay wall, contact michael.kimball@okc.gov.
  10. So there are some basic guidelines that are usually followed, but really it’s just one guy making lots of tiny judgment calls every day on what to include and what not to include?
    That’s right. But I try my best.
  11. If I know of a story or social media post that wasn’t included, but I think it should have been, should I send it to michael.kimball@okc.gov for consideration?