How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Your career in IT industry

Michael lyam

The advancement in technology now allows you to easily unlock your phone by simply placing your face in front of the screen. If you are keeping a check on the technology hype, artificial intelligence is going to be the next big thing this world will experience.

From digital voice assistants like SIRI, Cortana to self-driving cars, AI is progressing at a rapid pace. Though we have seen science fiction movies portraying artificial intelligence as robots with humans like features and characteristic, it is now how it is in the real world today. The concept of AI has been around ever since humans have been telling stories.

The market predicts that there are over 40% of organizations that have started adding more jobs in pretext to bring in more professionals such as AI Engineer and 🔗AI Experts. Despite the concern of artificial intelligence not being able to cope with the industry’s demands, only 8% of the business executives of the 100 global 2000 organization said to have reported saying their organization was cutting jobs after the technology was implemented. Although 34% of the respondents said that demand for jobs will remain the same irrespective of AI implementation. Also, 18% reported saying artificial intelligence did not affect the organization. This indicates that the fear of AI is simply because of the AI hype.

At present, only 44% of the businesses use AI extensively and is likely to increase in the foreseeable future.

Artificial intelligence is said to threaten the IT industry by destroying millions of jobs and creating double the amount it destroys. But does that mean IT jobs are going for a toss? As a technology enterprise, will evolve alongside AI, hot skills in this new-age technology will be required.

👉Are you trained up?

Amelia, a robotic employee purchased by Enfield council in London can now make decisions and track the emotion of a customer. Artificial intelligence will no doubt be able to participate in a thousand amount of conversations at once in a human manner. Amelia will be used to help customers fill in forms of residents looking to find information online. She will also guide users through chat features that can be seen on the computer screen.

For every question, Amelia won’t be able to answer, it will be passed on to a human colleague. This kind of program has never been used in the public sector earlier.

To design a robot — cognitive virtual assistant like Amelia, AI engineers will need to work with algorithms, neural networks, and many other tools that will help advance in this field.

👉Opportunities in AI-related field is predicted to surge

It is a wakeup call for all professionals from the IT background. By becoming an expert in this field and integrating these tools and technique, newer job opportunities will widen.

AI is remarkably a great career choice for the upcoming future workforce. Earlier, only people with exceptional skills and resources were eligible to take up such a job prospect. However, this is not the scenario today. Artificial intelligence is for everybody today, you just need to find out the right career pathway.

👉Future-proof your IT career today

IT professionals looking to become AI experts should broaden their skillset, enhance their learning areas such as cybersecurity, or delve deeper into the industry. In the cybersecurity field, it is estimated that there will be a million jobs which will go unfilled in the U.S. in the upcoming years.

There are several job openings in the field of artificial intelligence that will come to the forefront — these job roles include robotics scientist, data scientist AI software developer, business intelligence developer, etc.

Having said, it should not come with a surprise to find artificial intelligence as one of the best careers of today. AI is already penetrating our world and staying certified is probably the right move for you. Hiring managers and employers are more keen on hiring engineers who are certified in the skills they’re looking to hire. Taking up 🔗AI certifications will widen job opportunities in new and unconventional career paths. With newer job roles, the workforce will eventually require newer skillset.

As AI becomes the mainstream in the current market, companies are already finding it a challenge to place the right talent inside the industry. The future holds huge opportunities for those having the right set of skills.

Michael lyam

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Writer, AI enthusiast, Business & Social Media Strategist

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