Strengthen Your Big Data Skills: Become a Senior Big Data Engineer Today

Michael lyam
Nov 19, 2019 · 3 min read

In 2020, the big data and analytics market predicts to experience an interesting growth of over USD 203 billion, says a report by IDC.

The big data industry isn’t quite the de rigueur it used to be a decade back, but this doesn’t mean it has vanished. Not only big data is alive and changing the future, but it may be the future itself.

Though we’re living in the era of sweeping changes, tech organizations still feel unfulfilled. Every organization wants to get value out of their data, and at a faster pace. Everybody seems to be striving to become a big data engineer. Also, chief data officers have now realized that data engineering skills are more than just a job role. With the emergence of blockchain and AI that are shaping the technology future, the big data industry will get even more exciting in the coming year 2020.

Fueling change through big data in 2020: take a peep through the staggering statistics by Tech Jury

* Every person will be generating 1.7 megabytes per second.
* Internet users will be generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.
* Approximately 97.2% of organizations are investing in big data and AI.
* With the help of big data, Netflix could save USD 1 billion per year on customer retention.

Introducing the Data Science Council of America’s (DASCA) big data engineer certification

According to IDC’s study, “The Digital Universe in 2020” — the world will be producing around 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020 (approximately 40 zettabytes). The thrive for big data engineers keeps increasing but roughly there’s enough supply of big data professionals out there.


DASCA’s big data certification serves as one of the world’s robust certification program offering updated skills and lifelong learning. As a result, DASCA understands the world of work today and keeps you ahead in the big data realm.

An added advantage, the curriculum is in constant up-gradation enabling data professionals to maintain the relevant skillset required by today’s tech industry.

It is vendor-neutral and offers a third-party certification. DASCA’s certification is an ultimatum for tomorrow’s future data jobs. Invest in big data skills and bridge the gap in your organization. 🔗Grab your FREE INFORMA now!

To encounter the shortage of data talent, a big data certification is what you need today.

A senior big data engineer being the hot spot for organizations calls for highly skilled professionals having prior knowledge of basic programming concepts, hands-on experience with techniques of object-oriented programming (in-depth understanding of SQL statements and Core JAVA).

What other skills are required?
* Extensive knowledge in PERL and RUBY
* Practical knowledge along with work exposure on Linux and Unix environments.
* They should easily be able to handle databases and spreadsheets.
* Theory knowledge in big data

Get the training you need to stay ahead with DASCA’s SBDE™ certification program. A coverage that focuses the little intricacies of big data profession.

The pre-requisites of SBDE™ certification program:

* Take a quick check on your eligibility criteria
* Fill up your online application
* Get yourself validated through the candidacy tracks
* Receive your SBDE™ certification preparation kit
* Build your senior big data career by taking the SBDE™ certification exam
* Earn the credential-award

Want to dive deep into the dynamics of big data?

👉Download the FREE INFORMA for more information!

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