Your Guide to Become Certified Associate Big Data Engineer!

Michael lyam
Sep 11 · 2 min read

As the industries wake up to the benefits of Big Data for the successful operations of businesses, there has been a constant surge in the requirement of Big Data Professionals.

It is quite interesting to note that as businesses increase their operations they are producing humungous amount of data every nano second. Thus increasing the demand for certified Big Data Professionals. Especially the roles like Big Data Engineer and Associate Big Data Engineer have seen a tremendous rise in the jobs market.

It is a good news for you … or maybe not…

It can be a good news if you are a skilled professional, and also hold Big Data Engineer Certification.

👉Bridging the Demand-Supply Gap — Upskilling, Retraining & Certification

Since last decade, the world of Big Data has seen a significant growth and this has resulted in requirement for candidates with specific skills to lead the big data revolution. While the core skills for Big Data Engineer professionals remain the same that includes a strong knowledge of basic concepts of programing and Hadoop Ecosystem. Once you have a strong background you can go for big data certifications.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) ensures that you are best slotted for the most exciting Big Data Engineering jobs in the world. If you are a graduating or a tech-school student, then Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE) certification is the best bet for you to power your tech career.

Launch your Big Data Engineer career with a huge bang with ABDE certification — the world’s most credible third-party, vendor-neutral certification program.

The ABDE certification is ideally suited for Undergraduates in Information Technology/Computer Science or a Diploma in Computer Programing/Software Engineering from an accredited institution.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Big Data Engineer is $137, 776 per year and if you go for Associate Big Data Engineer certification then you can even break the glass ceiling and demand for a raise as well!

With the amount (estimated 40 trillion gigabytes) of data being produced, the demand for certified big data professionals will only rise and if you are not prepared you may be left out.

But before that remember that there are six distinct stages of your journey to become an ABDE. A quick tour through the stages -

  1. Check eligibility requirements
  2. Fill online application form
  3. Validation
  4. ABDE Certification Preparation Material
  5. Taking the ABDE Certification Exam
  6. Award

Download the INFORMA for more information on Associate Big Data Engineer Certification Program.

👉Download INFORMA

Time is running out and you need to act quick!

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