UX Design Case Study for RxBIO

Our Starting Point


What we heard

Client Persona

The Competition

Key Insights

Content Inventory

This (wince-inducing) video would eventually become the crown jewel of our Products page.


Our Goal

Design & Testing

Low-Fi sketches and site mapping
The wireframes for the site.
  • We needed additional information to make what the business actually is clearer on the home page, so that Oscar could be certain he had come to the right place
  • We needed to emphasize the visual hierarchy, so Oscar would have clear landmarks to navigate by
  • We needed to refine and unify the tone of the language, so that it would speak clearly to our educated user, allowing him to access information quickly and easily
  • We needed to do a better job of targeting Oscar’s needs and getting him to engage with the site

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype


  • find a ‘champion’ doctor who could be a face for the organization in their promotions (building trust)
  • create additional videos to educate visitors, as they’re the perfect educational medium for the web (education)
  • hold webinars or other “carrot” events to warm up larger groups of prospects all at once (education)
  • add languages to extend their reach in the market (broadening their purchasing base)
  • find appropriate social media avenues and start seeding trackable Showpad material into them as content marketing (education)
A takeaway gift for our clients after the presentation — a reminder to always make sure that Oscar has a reason to engage with them.




Multidisciplinary designer and recent graduate of RED Academy. See more at www.michaelmabee.com.

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Michael Mabee

Michael Mabee

Multidisciplinary designer and recent graduate of RED Academy. See more at www.michaelmabee.com.

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