Yes, Virginia, You Can Estimate That
Camille Fournier

  1. Re. scope: It’s important to state explicitly what’s NOT in scope. “We are not going to use a cache” or “Convertible and inflation-linked non-dollar soverign securities will not be supported in this phase”.
  2. It’s also useful to estimate the risks of failure (not meeting your committment). “With 5 developers, there’s a good chance of not completing in the 4 month time-frame of this plan because: a) holiday season, b) new technology tools proposed, etc. A six-month time-frame is more doable. Or maybe 2 more developers.
  3. Project planning contains a big social element. You’d be surprised how reasonable a stakeholder can be in private discussion instead of in a public meeting!

Another great piece! Can’t wait for the book.

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