You are probably wondering why United States has become the way it has been. Since two hundred years ago we have fought to be different from anyone else meaning, we have fought for our rights to be free, practice our first and second amendment right as well as our forth amendment rights and of course our other amendment rights. Because I believe in equality I know to be true that Mr. DONALD TRUMP will destroy the way this country is. Mr. Donald Trump wants to deport 1 million immigrants back to their native land, but in all reality it is impossible to go after every single person that is not properly document to live and work here. First and foremost he doesn’t has have the man power and its to costly. It costs money to ship immigrants back, and the million dollar question is ‘who is going to fork out the money ‘? Oh yeah the tax payers. Mr. Trump had no reality when it comes to running a nation. He has never been involved in any type of government rather its city government or state, but is expecting to run a national government? National Security would be put at risk especially because he has has no experience. WALL STREET markets are dropping and because European Union is our biggest economical trade that won’t be affective wants he gets swarn in. China will slowly quit doing business with the United States. Let’s sit on the sidelines and watch the dominos tumble down.

Written by: Michael Vandergraaf