Hunger and Delirium

A prelude of things to come. The original can be found here and happened before I found Medium to do my Social Media class research with. It’s also slightly outdated now in its original form, so some minor editing has been done.

As the kids would say, they’re going hard in the paint. Especially Andrea Ferro. He sounds kinda pissed.

Maybe it comes from doing this for almost 20 years and watching other bands blow up bigger. Who knows? But they sound hungry again. Their last couple sounded okay to me, but if this and the other two tracks they’ve put out are any indication, Delirium should be a winner. They’ve pretty much pioneered a sound that others have used to their own advantage, but no one can match the locomotive, flying power of Lacuna Coil.

I hope this is their time. To use wrestling vernacular, I hope they get the big push. Strap the rocket to their asses. Because they’ve earned it and then some. This is a damn good crew and I hope they get their just due.

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