Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West Will Still Be Happening Even After The World Ends

The moment that sent music culture on a downward spiral into hell.

Oh, brother.

Okay. Let’s make this short and sweet, Steamboat…

September 13, 2009. Seven years ago. Is when all this mess started. Kanye playing the asshole, Taylor playing the victim. The same roles they’ve essentially played since. Because, why change the narrative if it works so well? Especially now.

And every time the general public turns their heads toward other, possibly more important matters for a second, here comes another chapter in the story. Ratings are down! Quick, let’s book it for WWE Monday Night Raw! Taylor Swift vs. Kanye —

*snaps fingers* Wait, I got it! This time, Kim Kardashian has to get involved! Make it a handicap match! Brilliant! Because A) Kim could totally use the publicity right now, B) Dammit, this feud MUST CONTINUE because it’s putting asses in seats!, and C) That’ll lead to the WrestleMania main event: a Gavel Match!

I’m not going full Conspiracy Theory here. No one is suggesting the Illuminati is involved. Although it is a little coincidental that we keep hearing about these two. Not because of some grand conspiracy, but because some PR firms are earning their pay with bonuses.

And, of course, people are eating it up. Forget about #BlackLivesMatter and policemen getting shot. Forget that we’re trying to choose the next leader of the free world with candidates no one likes. Forget that terror attacks are becoming bolder and more frequent than ever. Nope, Taylor and Kanye are at it again. Drop everything, because it’s time for more drama between “Famous” people that the public really shouldn’t care about but will anyway because they can’t help themselves.

Oh, and in case you may write this off as the rantings of a madman? I’m not the only one who thinks this may be booked like a WrestleMania program. The very last line of the link above?

“Exciting, right? All of this has been orchestrated for the public’s maximum enjoyment.”

I’m thinking it has to be. Because this is now one of music’s longest-running bullshit distractions — sorry, feuds — and no one is letting it just die.

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