We live in a fastly evolving world. Informations are the value. Instead of gold or banknotws we pay by plastic cards, which thanks to cryptocurrencies do not have to be “based” on money money on the account.

Over weekend I spend once again over 100 km on my electric unicycle riding throught the countrysite, watchin the trees, listening to birds and nature, looking how much, little rain and cold breeze can do. At one moment my mind reminds me on words which more and more frequently sounds on internet and social networks.


Looks like best and most powerfull sales tool now a days

We sell our stories and get money for the next one to come with.

Look at ELON MUSK, GREENPEACE, FUNDS, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, POLITICAL CANDIDATES and many, many more. All of them selling the stories using great videos, infographics, combined with text, they speak directly to our hearts and we cry or smile as predicted being happy WE GOT IT and WE SHARE IT.

There was one more impulse for this article. It was great discussion opened by one of the valuable Czech LINKEDIN community. She has asked what is more important for job applicant University diploma or Business experience.

In line with this there came another abrevation to me


This is the way I do myself and this is the way which seems to be lost in the fast evolving society. RESULTS who CARES? The Story is what is really important.

I wonder which one you prefer

Story of fresh bread presented on video and slides or the backer who share his bread with you? Think about it and let me know which one you prefer? Which one you follow?