Social Media Recognition
Ashley Ross

I believe that having knowledge that one will can be recognized for their posts greatly influences their inclination to post more/less. Some crave recognition and validation for their posts, as they are reflections of their thoughts and opinions. Others may be more self-conscious, leading to them feeling more criticism and being more reserved in their expressions. Some desire recognition while others may be averse to it. Personally, I don’t seek the validation of strangers, leading to me rarely posting on social media sites. I desire to express my thoughts to people I know and respect. I want my ideas and opinions to be critiqued by people that I know and respect. Some don’t feel the same as I do, leading tot them craving recognition and validation from others online. Some post freely to generate discussion with others they barely know in an attempt to find some that agree or may offer differing points to their claims. Whatever the reason for posting, I think we are all affected greatly by the fact that our posts garner some level of recognition, be it positive or negative.

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