Don’t Forget Your Base

I voted for Trump because I thought he would get “deals done” through compromise. I saw him as someone who did not embrace any ideology to the degree that he would be unwilling to compromise. Ideological groups be they left wing Democrats or the Freedom Caucus have a right to be heard and have a place at the table, but they don’t represent the goals and values of country, just a segment of it and therefore don’t have a right to have things “their way”.

We deserve a President that will bring as many groups to the table that are willing to go there and hash out compromise legislation that everyone disagrees with but can live with, rather than a President that tries to ramrod one point of view down our throats like Obama did. Sadly, it may be hard for that kind of President to win election, since the people in our country seem more focused at imposing their point of view on others than protecting others from their point of view.

I believe Trump won because many people rejected Hillary and the Democrats attempt to “remake America” in their image. Instead, I believe most people wanted a President that realized change is inevitable, but that everyone should have a place at the table and have a say in that change. If you are unhappy with things Trump is doing and the left is unhappy with things Trump is doing, then he just might be the right guy for the job.

“Division” politics which Obama was an expert at, has driven this nation so far apart that anytime Trump does something everyone attacks him. Trump inherited a very difficult situation and is doing a great job, not perfect… but then isn’t that the point… if I agreed with everything he is doing then he wouldn’t be the right guy for the job…

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