No-Phone Walks!

As I left my phone on my bed and left my house to take a no-phone walk, something funny was happening in my brain. I was depriving my brain of the stimulus that comes from checking social media updates, receiving texts, and checking news. We’re basically addicts!

I locked my door and started jogging through my block; a little excited and a little curious about what will happen. Will I feel uncomfortable and deprived, or will I feel fine…

As I ran a mile, and then two miles, I was focused as I am always while I run. When I stopped to take a break, that’s why I would usually check my phone, I had nothing to check. My brain was confused.. if it was a little child, it would be waiting for its food. I continued focusing on the buildings around me and the people. I’d look at each person I passed and think “I hope you have a wonderful day!” It was fun to give that “good thought” to a stranger. I did that for a bit and then I started thinking about random things, most of them were positive. I was able to stick with one thought for longer than I usually do.. I was able to experience slightly deeper thought. Since I didn’t have my phone, I didn’t have music — and no headphones. This allowed me to hear various sounds in my neighborhood; people hanging out, random chatter. I felt more present.

After about two hours of walking/running/deeper-thinking, I came home and sat on my couch. For about fifteen minutes, I didn’t realize that I haven’t checked my phone in over 2.5 hours. I then went and checked it and there was nothing in there that worth checking…

I’ve been doing the no-phone walks for about a week now and I love them! They’re refreshing and empowering.

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