It’s time to break free of the echo chamber.

This week, the FCC will vote to extinguish net neutrality. The revoke will allow Internet service providers to charge web companies extra for the fast-lines we have so enjoyed using for years. Every streaming service, dating app, online feed, may potentially be slowed or not offered to those who refuse to “pay-to-play”.

The internet is essentially ruled by Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. With the elimination of net neutrality, these companies, along with familiar upstarts like Netflix and Hulu, will likely have to fork over more money to ISPs, resulting in raised prices on our end.

To no real…

Money means little when you are the ultimate product.

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Algorithms. They’re all around us. A multitude of methodologies equating what you do both online and off. These equations, more often controlled by big companies or the government, work constantly to track your information, contextualize data, and weave correlations. Amidst the flow of ceaseless internet streaming and social media, a 24-hour surveillance conglomerate can be discerned. Thousands of networks tuning in to our engagements; a precarious transaction where we are the informant, reporting on our own activities.

Our Orwellian world today requires a concurrence to forfeit our privacy and be monitored. Your search engine results, likes, browser history, and cookies…

Western civilization at its boiling point. How Facebook’s algorithm may be responsible.

On October 13, 2015, an optimistic article in the Global Future of Work was published on the internet by Brazilian editor Gustavo Tanaka. The post itself, an eight-point listicle brimming with ideas, caught the attention of many readers (7.3k likes on Medium alone to date). Entitled “There is Something Extraordinary Happening in The World”, Tanaka expounded the eight reasons why he believed our world was headed in a good direction and changing for the better.

As a self-proclaimed newly “freed” man from “standard-procedure society”, life now granted him his own perspective to see a much greater picture; one which embodied…

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It all started with a Twitter post. Or, rather a series of posts from a Tennessee man, Josh Raby, who took an April trip to a McDonald’s location to buy a milkshake.

Within hours, his bizarrely absorbing account of what happened garnered the attention of news outlets all over the world; coverage which earned Raby thousands of new online followers. The New York Daily News reported that Raby had been “tortured by two horny employees”. The owners of the Mcdonalds location, Eric and Mabel Larson, were suddenly caught in a media frenzy. Mrs. Larson, who was instantly skeptical of Raby’s…

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