an aside on authenticity

There’s something about celebrating the “small things” of life. It cultivates a grateful heart, and it keeps you honest. I’ve been a people-pleaser for as long as I can remember — eager to sacrifice seemingly small parts of who I am to gain the respect or attention of other folks. It’s easy to feel magnanimous when you adjust yourself to make someone happy, but in reality you’re valuing their acceptance over giving them the privilege of getting to know the real you. This is selfishness, not sacrifice.

As I progress through my 20s, I grow more keenly aware of my innate reflex to selfishly project a mirror image of the people around me.

“If they can see and hear themselves in my face and voice,” I assure myself, “there’s no way they won’t like me.”

What a sad, fearful way to live.

Nobody needs a carbon-copy of themselves for a friend. We need people who love well, who are brave enough to risk sharing the gift of their true selves. This surely entails great sacrifice, for we can only give from that which we have. And this sacrifice is the heart of authenticity: the gift of one’s pure heart to another for their blessing — a stunning beauty to behold.

Living like a chameleon is exhausting, and I’ve had enough of it. So I’m approaching this blog as a chance to share my true colors with you. My prayer is that sharing these little joys would be less about me and more about the shared wonder of grace. With so much sorrow in our world today, what if we stopped to count the tiny trinkets of goodness that clutter our day?

That’s what I hope this blog is for you, dear reader. A place of blessing where you get to partake in my unique vantage point of God’s kaleidoscopic grace.

“How beautiful when humble hearts give the fruit of pure lives so that others may live.” — Twila Paris