If You Aren’t Prepared to Embarrass Yourself You’ll Never Win

Nothing worth having comes cheap

Michael Thompson
May 22 · 4 min read

After I graduated college I took a sales job to gain the confidence to meet new people. Some of my friends made it clear I was making a mistake.

Upon telling them about my decision I was greeted with “concerned” words like — “Dude did you forget your stutter? You know you’re gonna make a fool of yourself right?”

After I quit my sales job I decided to move to Barcelona in order to see the world. Some of my friends made it clear I was making a mistake.

Upon telling them about my plans I was greeted with “caring” words like — “Have you considered how stupid you’re going to feel when after a few months you have to move back home to nothing?”

After my wife and I started a family I decided to start publishing some of the articles I was writing online. Some of my friends made it clear I was making a mistake.

Upon showing them my work I was greeted with “supportive” words like — “This is hilarious. People love embarrassing stories.”

I wish I could sit here today and say my friends were wrong. But they weren’t.

When I started my sales job for the first few months I did make a fool of myself. Some days I had a hard time even getting my name out when calling a potential client — I have an especially hard time with words that begin with the letter “M” and go figure my name is Mike.

However, within six months I was embarrassing everyone else on the sales floor because they were getting their asses whopped by a kid who stuttered (turns out there is real power in listening). Later that year I was promoted to sales manager where I went on to lead teams and train all new hires.

This decision to make a fool out of myself ultimately provided me with the tools to be a coach today — a job I was meant to do.

When I moved to Barcelona for the first few months I did embarrass myself. Some days I called my mom in tears complaining to her that I was lonely and the money I had saved would soon run out if I couldn’t find a job.

However, within six months I was teaching English to multinational companies and giving business seminars to government agencies — despite everyone telling me it was impossible without having European working papers. Later that year I walked into a company to give a talk and laid eyes on the most beautiful girl in the world.

This decision to feel stupid ultimately led me to the woman of my dreams, along with the privilege of being the proud dad to two cool little boys — a job I was meant to do.

When I began writing online for the first few months I did embarrass myself. Some days I shared some stories which cast me in a bad light. And I made loads of mistakes.

However, within six months my work was being read by hundreds of thousands of people and I was receiving supportive messages from people all over the world. Later that year my name appeared in half a dozen business publications with seven-digit followings — opening the door to build friendships with people I previously admired only from afar.

This decision to embarrass myself ultimately led me to discovering a real passion in writing — a job I was meant to do.

The world is full of advice regarding how to create the career and life of your dreams.

My answer is simple: if you want to do something but people are telling you that you’ll embarrass yourself — forget what they say and do it anyway.

Sure you may make a fool of yourself — but I don’t know about you but I’d rather get beaten on the field than shrivel up on the sidelines.

We get one shot at this life and if I have learned anything over the last 40 years it is that nothing worth having comes cheap.

So go out into the world and embarrass the hell out of yourself.

You may just find it leads you to the life you were meant to live.

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Thanks to Brian Pennie, Danny Forest, and Maarten van Doorn

Michael Thompson

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Co-creator of 2 little boys with my dream girl -career/communication coach seen in Fast Co. INC, Business Insider — say hi @ https://mikethompsonblog.com/

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