Buy a collapsible dog crate for your puppy

Adding a furry member to the family not only provides a home to the tiny animal but it also gives you so many reasons to be happy. Just like you care for your own baby, puppies too require a lot of attention and care. The good part is that puppies grow faster than babies and learn to take care of themselves soon. Although the first few weeks will be difficult, especially during various stages of their growth such as teething and toilet training, in the end it’s well worth the effort.

One of the most critical stages in the life of a pup are the teething days. Because the process is painful for them, they chew anything that is within their reach to alleviate the pain. Once you start noticing tiny puppy teeth marks around the house and hear regular whining it’s a sign that the teething process has begun. To help ease the pain, get a good quality chewable pet toys, put this toy in the freezer and then give it to your pup to chew on at regular intervals. The cold will help ease the pain. Play with the puppy to distract him/her from the pain, and provide with as much attention as possible to make him/her feel safe and loved.

The next important stage for puppy is when you are potty training them. Dogs do not urinate or defecate in the area where they eat or sleep. This is why a highly effective way to house or potty train your dog is through crate training. Confining your pup temporarily to a crate teaches them to have bladder and bowel control. He/she will relieve itself only when removed from the crate; this habit comes handy while travelling. Don’t force or push your puppy into the crate as it can make him/her feel trapped. Let them walk into it on their own and slowly he/she will start considering it as their own special place. Crates come in various materials and for every size of dog, so make sure you consider the necessary factors before making your choice. Collapsible dog crates are a great option as they are convenient, easy to carry around and will come in handy even when your pup grows up.

Last but not the least, find a good vet for your little pup and get a thorough check up every few months. Don’t miss out on any vaccinations, and if possible buy dog food and grooming products recommended by the vet. Regular checkups ensure that your puppy is healthy and happy. Consulting a vet during these stages of a pup’s growth also ensures that your beloved pet gets the best care possible.

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