Gift your dog a hand-made pet bed

When you have a pet at home, nothing is more important than him/her. You simply love the way your pet cuddles you after you have had a long tiring day at work. Wagging its tail, your pet awaits you at home, ready to greet you with joy and affection. However, when it is time for bed, your pet is relegated to a rug on the floor. Although some pet owners allow their pets to climb into bed with them, this is not the smartest choice for your pet either. Your pet needs a bed to sleep on. The bed is also a space in your house that truly belongs to your pet in every sense of the word. Your pet can curl up on its bed at night or sneak in a nap or two during the day. When it comes to pet accessories, a pet bed is extremely important.

Here are some tips to can keep in mind while shopping for the perfect pet bed.

Size of the Dog:

While this is quite obvious, it is still the most important factor to consider when choosing a bed for your dog. If your dog is still a pup, consider how big your dog will grow and then buy a bed accordingly instead of buying beds in a different size every few months.

Where will it be kept?

Although one may not consider this point important enough, but it does matter to a certain extent. If the dog bed will be kept in the house, especially on the floor, it is more likely to get dirty. It may not get as dirty if it will be placed in inside a dog crate. So choose the material of the bed based on where you plan to keep it. Also, keep in mind that your pet may spend time on it playing with its favorite toy which may leave the bed torn or scratched.

Climatic Conditions

Geographical conditions also play a key role while choosing a dog bed. If the climate in your city is hot and humid, choose a thin mattress that will not make your pet feel hot and sticky. If the climate is cold and dry, opt for a thicker mattress and an added layer of insulation to provide your pet with the warmth and comfort it needs.

Match it With Your Room Décor

Your pet is most likely to spend almost all his/her time in your room so it might be a good idea to buy a pet bed that matches the décor of your room. This will keep you room looking pretty and stylish.

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