Trouble in Remainia
Paul Mason

Very interesting article Paul. Though I challenge your assumption that “neoliberalism is dead.” One could argue that the assumption in the UK was that the Conservatives were the safeguard of it but the reality is that they are prepared to sacrifice economic security for nationalism in a manner that many centrists will abhor.

Exiting the single market and all its advantages surely provides an opportunity for the centre ground in UK politics. The quid pro quo is that in order to defend the free movement of factors of production the private sector have to invest in them to create a fairer economy for all. Many people are scared of immigration which I understand. But London is the model for how immigration can, and does, work. By showing the benefits of this by investing in skills and infrastructure in all parts of the UK the positives of “neoliberalism” can be demostrated. Call it social capitalism and that is a trade off all can benefit from.