By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO

I’ve been quietly running tests in my “laboratory” for a few weeks now, and I’m here to talk about the things I’ve learned and results I’ve had (or didn’t have).

Why put so much effort into reporting things that didn’t work?

I think it is important to the learning process.

By analyzing the steps someone else took, ideally you will be able to conduct your own experiments and cut the learning curve or reduce errors.

So,without further ado, let’s dive into some of my experiments.

My Tests

Ok, so I started these experiments after learning more about…

By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO

…Is by Saving Money & Time

Have you launched products and struggled with what keywords to target for ranking or PPC? I mean, it doesn’t seem to matter how much keyword research we do, in the end we always seem to second guess ourselves.

Because we want the process to go smoothly and perfectly. The idea of wasting ad dollars, or worse, blast inventory, by targeting the wrong keywords is simply unbearable. It just seems so avoidable. Especially with access to SO MANY TOOLS.

I mean, you got PPC tools, keyword rank tools, keyword research tools, competitor keyword extractor tools, relevance…

By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO

The Amazon-centric SAAS space has no shortage of enterprising endeavors. There does appear to be a fine line, however, between providing excellent value and attempting to squeeze every ounce of profit out of your customers as possible.

To be less ambiguous, when I say this I am specifically speaking of email appends and the companies that offer them. …

By Danny Carlson, Amazon Ecommerce Expert

Intro from Anthony Lee — COO at SixLeaf.

This is a guest post from Danny Carlson of Kenji ROI. His service focuses on full optimization of listings on the Amazon platform. Danny is a knowledgeable, informed and experienced expert, not only on optimization, but also on a number of Amazon ecommerce industry topics.

The advantage keeps getting bigger and bigger.

New features are constantly being rolled out to Amazon sellers with access to Enhanced Brand Content. Are you getting in on the benefits or getting left behind?

It’s not just a simple description with…

By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO

It’s a simple question. And no doubt you’ve heard of what a Messenger bot is. So, the question stands: Are you leveraging chatbots to grow your brand?

Often when we embark on the journey that is selling a private label brand online, specifically through Amazon FBA, it can become very easy to focus solely on the marketplace. We become overwhelmed with the new skills we must learn, and dedicate time and energy to mastering them; keyword ranking, optimization, sponsored product ads, promotions, coupons, lightning deals, and so on.

Rinse and repeat this process long enough…

By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO


Leveraging Digital Assets for Greater Revenues

So, by now most physical product sellers on Amazon are aware of the basics of how Amazon’s ranking algorithm works. In a nutshell, you drive sales, and the higher the sales velocity (increased sales plus shorter time between sales) the higher the listing will rise in keyword rank.

While Amazon’s ranking algorithm is constantly being tweaked and updated, this core concept has remained the same, and likely will for the foreseeable future.

However, what many sellers aren’t aware of is that this same “formula” guides ranking for keywords of ALL Amazon products. …

By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO

That’s a pretty to-the-point headline. I thought about making a more clever, catchy one. But I wanted to get right to it. While telling the total truth. And the truth is….the bottom line is….Bridge by SixLeaf will save your business money.

The next question you probably have is…HOW?

Well friend, I’m glad you asked.

This is business 101; find the starving crowd and feed them.

First, let me show you some of my most recent results on a couple of tests I’ve been running.

Here’s a BROAD interest based lead capture ad –

I had…

By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO

About four years ago as of this writing, ZonBlast actually created a new category of marketing for Amazon sellers by inventing the “blast.” This simple concept allowed private label brand owners (and some big brand owners as well) to quickly scale by driving massive visibility, and thus sales, to their listings within a short period of time.

For marketplace search engines, it’s a genius concept. Since all marketplaces tend to prioritize listings that have strong sales, stimulating sales inevitably gives the algorithm what it ultimately wants. …

By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO

The Amazon game, it changes so rapidly and constantly, it definitely keeps us all on our toes. And Oh Boy has the rumor mill been crazy alive lately.

No matter how much data and, essentially PROOF, we present on the topic, the debate rages on as to whether promos still “work.”

Some people believe that the subsequent rank drops from promos is a penalty being implemented by Amazon. I absolutely, VEHEMENTLY do not believe there is a penalty.

But I get it. I mean, It is an important conversation to have. Everyone wants to know…

By Anthony Lee, Sixleaf COO

The State of The Promo Address

The Landscape of Fear (and Loathing)

If you are an Amazon seller and partake in any of the many groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat and more for FBA and private label sellers, then you’ve undoubtedly heard people speculating about the effectiveness of promotions. Many are stating their efforts to rank keywords through promos using the storefront URL are no longer working. Some are saying their efforts to rank keywords using promos AT ALL aren’t working.

And of course there are just as many or more that come to the defense of the tactic with their own set of screenshots and successes…

Michael Lee

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