Angel Battles Future Plans

We have a lot of ideas for angel battles! If you want to contribute, please come by our Discord. We are really open to trying new things and are on this crazy journey with you.

Story Mode — Our idea here is to have a ‘choose your own adventure’ type dungeon. At each floor you can pick left, middle, or right and you might face monsters or find the stairway down. You may also fight other players. The first person to get the prize gets to keep it. There will also be other random prices in the dungeon. Players would add together a team of 5 angels, who would be attacked in order. Players will be able to switch their team order to take advantage of aura powers.

3D Models — We started to play with Adobe Fuse which will let us create 3D characters and animate them. Potential applications include battle result animations, adding to things like decentraland, and the possibility to make fighting game in Unreal or Unity where your card’s stats on the blockchain could determine your in game hit power. We probably won’t be able to do all of these — is there anyone in the community who would like to try making the Unity/Unreal game if we provide the models? That is the cool thing about permissionless development — anyone can take our assets and use them for whatever.

Team Vs Computer — We are thinking about including ‘Super Bosses’ where players would have to work together to bring down a powerful boss.

Adding other Assets — We want to create a PVP mode where people will be able to import other ERC721 assets like cryptokitties in to battle.

Exporting assets to other platforms — We would also like to be able to work with other platforms like Decentraland so that they can import our assets or perhaps the above 3D models.