Arena Battle Guide

Battling is one of the most exciting parts of the Angel Battles game. (it’s right there in the name!) Your angels get stronger by earning experience, you can get powerful new pet cards for free by defeating them, and you can achieve undisputed worldwide fame by climbing to the top of Mt. Zion. Here are the details of how battling works:

The Wimpy Cirrus Meadows is the first Arena Battle Zone where you can defeat monsters and earn new pet cards that are powerful and can be bred to create even more powerful cards.

You must choose a team consisting of one angel and one pet. Optionally, you may also add an accessory. At least one pet and angel card are available for free throughout the game.

You then choose either the Arena Battle, or the Leaderboard Battle (Mt. Zion). In the Arena Battle you face against ‘the computer’ and will either get a monster from a different human culture’s lore or a wild pet opponent. There are three levels of Arena Battles, the Wimpy Cirrus Meadows, the Menacing Nimbus Forest, and the THUUUUUUUNDERDOME! In the LeaderBoard Battle, you face against other players from around the world and try to climb to the top spot.

The unicorn is a tough beast with his 16 Blue Aura, but if you manage to find and defeat one, he will be a valuable addition to your team or a tantalizing prize in the marketplace.

While we have made almost all of the code open source, the battle equation is not revealed in order to stop teams from ‘gaming’ the system. However, here are some important hints:

  • Intrinsic card values (Battle Power for Angels and Luck for Pets) matter a lot in the beginning, and much less so as trained values (Experience for Angels and Aura for Pets) increase.
  • Each angel can enter an Arena Battle according to a limit. This delay increases depending on how much exp you have, so weaker angels can catch up. Pets and Accessories can be used without limit.
  • You still gain one experience point from a battle even if you lose, so you really have nothing to lose!
  • In the Menacing Nimbus Forest, you use 2 angels and 2 pets and each angel earns 4 exp for a victory.
  • Remember — Red Auras have an advantage over Yellows, Yellow Auras have an Advantage over Blues, and Blues have an advantage over Reds. Mixed Auras are simply a function of their components. This, purple is numerically represented as blue and red. In the arena battle you don’t get to choose your opponent, but you do know the roster of enemies ahead of time and can play odds. This is much more helpful when targeting a certain opponent on the leaderboard.
  • Having an angel and pet who have compatible Auras could be the key to victory in a close match.

In order to battle, simply go to the Battle tab of Make sure Metamask or Cipher is unlocked and you are using the correct profile. From there simply select your desired battle type and location as well as the team you wish to enter. Your transaction will be sent and the entire battle happens in one transaction.

Catch this Komodo Dragon, but beware his 15 Red Aura.

The Gas Price that you set has no bearing on whether you win the battle or not — it only determines when the battle will happen if the network is congested. It’s always a good idea to check before sending transactions.

To see the results go to the My Team page where you can always see the last result of each card.

Scroll down to see the roster of the Wimpy Cirrus Meadows.

The Falcon is a great addition to your team. Breed a Falcon and a Unicorn and you might just end up with a Pegasus.
The Bobcat can help you win many battles and can sire many offspring.