Arena Battle Guide

Jan 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Battling is one of the most exciting parts of the Angel Battles game. (it’s right there in the name!) Your angels get stronger by earning experience, and you can achieve undisputed worldwide fame (and some ETH) by climbing to the top of Mt. Zion. Here are the details of how battling works:

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The Wimpy Cirrus Meadows is the first Arena Battle Zone where you can defeat monsters and earn new pet cards that are powerful and can be bred to create even more powerful cards.

You first choose either the Arena Battle, or the Leaderboard Battle (Mt. Zion). In the Arena Battle you face against ‘the computer’ and will get a monster from a different human culture. There are three levels of Arena Battles, the Wimpy Cirrus Meadows, the Menacing Nimbus Forest, and the THUUUUUUUNDERDOME! In the LeaderBoard Battle, you face against other players from around the world and try to climb to the top spot.

The battle system has been completely revamped for Angel Battles 2.0. First of all, all battles are on SKALE, so that means sub-second block times and no gas fees! We also encourage you to use Portis, and ‘trust this dapp’ as this will stop you from having to click confirm after every battle action.

Battle Entry and Initial Stats

You may choose one angel, one pet, and one accessory (optional) to enter a battle. The more powerful and rare monsters appear only in higher arenas. Watch out for the Liquid Metal Cornu, who grows stronger whenever he is defeated by any player!

Your initial hp is a multiple of your battle power and your experience range. Your initial battle stats are also affected by how your cards compare with your opponent. The difference in blue aura power gives an increase/decrease to your basic defense stat. The difference in yellow aura power affects speed/luck. The difference in red aura power affects attack power.

Differences are all based on levels, to give an advantage to stronger cards, but not let them be overpowered or unstoppable.

In the beginning, you can battle continuously. However, there is a time delay based on the strongest angel card. This balances giving an advantage to those who have been playing longer vs letting newer players get within striking distance. Each player (address) can only be in one battle at a time.

An angel’s aura provides key benefits in a battle. Auras automatically take a passive effect, but you can also release them in a burst to remove the passive effect and have the chance for a truly spectacular outcome.

In each round of the battle, you can choose from the following actions. Both the angel and monster action takes place in the same round of the battle, with the first strike being heavily influenced by whoever has a higher speed/luck attribute.

Attack — Deal physical damage to your opponent with a strike of your weapon.

Defend — Adopt a defensive position in order to decrease damage taken in subsequent rounds.

Aura Burst — Sacrifice your aura passive for a quick result.

Summon Pet — Call forth your friend for a fearsome attack

Run — Take a chance to flee and fight another day. (Not available in PVP battles)

Burn Medal (pending) — Take away one of your precious achievements for a truly spectacular power burst.

While we have made almost all of the code open source, the battle equation is not revealed in order to stop teams from ‘gaming’ the system. However, here are some important hints:

  • Each angel can enter an Arena Battle according to a limit. This delay increases depending on how much exp you have, so weaker angels can catch up. Pets can either breed or battle once per day.

In order to battle, simply go to the Battle tab of Make sure you are either logged in to portis, or your web3 provider is pointing to our skale sidechain. From there simply select your desired battle type and location as well as the team you wish to enter.

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