Breeding Instructions

Feb 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Welcome to the BreedingStable! You are now ready to mate two of your pets and create a powerful new ally! Some general guidelines:

Here are the five types of pet cards and how to acquire them

Basically, you will be breeding wild pets with the hope of creating more wild pets as well as Epic pets, which can only be created through breeding.

Although we aren’t revealing the exact code, here are some tips:

  • There are four lines of pets (Reptilian, Avian, Feline, and Equestrian) Breeding two pets of the same line will result in an offspring of that same line, while breeding pets from different lines gives a 50–50 chance of each.
  • The more powerful pets you breed, the better your chance of going up to the next line. For instance, two common wild pets cannot create an epic pet.
  • Parents with higher Aura Powers will generally have children that start with high aura powers, however, there is somewhat of a reset between generations.
  • You can currently breed once per 7 days and there is a 0.005 ETH charge to create a new pet card. This helps protect the rarity of all cards, but especially the Epic Pet cards. (ie, there is already more than 550,000 cryptokitties!) The breeding period will go up over time, so earlier players have an innate advantage.

Breeding is pretty simple in the UI. Just select the two pets and choose a name for their offspring.

If you want to talk with other players and try to figure out all 19 pet card series, head over to our discord.


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