Detailed Training Instructions

Training your pet cards is a great way to increase their value in battle. Here are the important things to know in order to get the best out of your team.

  1. You can train each pet card once every 24 hours. Angel cards don’t benefit from training, and you can train each angel card as much as you like. Angel cards earn Experience from battling, while pet cards earn Aura Power from training.
  2. The developers charge no fees for training. You only need to pay only the transaction fees. Under current conditions ($500/ETH, 1 Gwei Gas Price) this is about 5 cents.

Training increases a pet card’s Aura Power, which is one of the main ways pets contribute in battle. For instance, if you have a yellow opponent in mind, it would be good to train a pet with a strong red aura.

You can choose one angel card and two pet cards to train. If the pet’s aura isn’t compatible with the angel it’s training with, the pet’s aura won’t increase. If it is compatible, it’s aura will increase by one. Finally, if the pet’s aura is compatible with BOTH the angel card and the other pet, then it will increase by two.

This is one advantage that angel or pet cards with mixed auras have. An orange angel is compatible with both yellow and red pets, a green angel is compatible with both blue and yellow pets, and a purple angel is compatible with both blue and red pets.

Some pet cards also have mixed auras. If an orange angel trains with a pet that expresses red and yellow auras, both are strengthened during training.

The training contract is open source and available on etherscan. As always, you can interact with it directly, but your transaction will fail if you try training with pets you don’t own, cards that don’t exist, pets who have trained within 24 hours, etc.