Disclaimer: Important things to know

Important Notes

One of the reasons for the recent explosive growth of blockchain technology is that it takes power away from centralized institutions and gives it to individual people.

YOU own things directly, rather than having a bank, broker, website or other institution take custody of assets for you. These third parties:

1. Can go out of business

2. Charge fees

3. Enforce Policies (i.e., transaction limits, hours of operation, etc.)

4. Provide services (account recovery, technical support, etc.)

Once you acquire (buy/trade/win a battle/breed) a card through this game, you really, 100% own it. That means you can Transfer it, Sell it, Donate it to charity, Lose it, Destroy it, Use it in another game, Put it in your will, etc. You DO NOT need anyone’s permission to do any of these things and no one can stop you.

It is important to understand that the blockchain is what makes it so that NO ONE BUT YOU (hackers, governments, insiders, corporations, other players, etc) can do anything with your cards. This also means that neither the developers (nor ANYONE ELSE) can ‘recover your account’, ‘fix your card’, or provide any other similar services. The fact that no one can ‘lose’ a card, get another copy of it from the developers, and then sell both is what protects the scarcity and value of cards in the marketplace.

Think of the blockchain as a row of uncrackable safes in a public mall, with each person being the only one who has a key to their safe. If you lose your key, no one can open your safe for you, unless you previously made a backup copy of your key.

If you lose your private key or the computer using MetaMask, you can use their recovery words to restore the account and your key on another computer. But, in the analogy above, anyone who had the backup copy could also open your safe.

The AngelBattles.com website provides an easy, convenient, and artistic way to interact with the blockchain, and attempts to avoid dangerous or wasteful transactions. You DO NOT need to use this website, as you can interact with the game on the blockchain directly. Keep in mind, it is also possible to lose a card by transferring it to an address that doesn’t know how to receive it.

This is cutting edge technology that is still very new and you use it at your own risk. Our contracts are open source, and you can verify them in Etherscan. Cards are only digital assets stored on the blockchain and do not represent any physical good. Cards are also not securities as they do not rely on the management of other people, do not provide any promise or expectation of any future value, and are only used to play a game.

If you do not understand these notes, prefer to have a third party that can provide account recovery, or wish to purchase a physical product, you SHOULD NOT play this game. Remember, these tokens have value ONLY within our game and should not be considered investments.

Tell me more about Decentralization…

One of the most potent benefits of blockchain technology is to decentralize power, removing the need to trust any one entity. This in turn ensures that everyone (the ‘big guy’ and the ‘little guy’) are all playing by the same rules. Decentralized systems are also very resistant to attack. The developers can set all the rules up and then step back and play the game on a level field with everyone else.

Unfortunately, due to the current level of development and testing tools, the complexity of this game, and the need for most people to access dapps through a browser, it’s generally considered best practice to design dapps in a way that will allow the developers to remove bugs.

Each module in our DApp (Marketplace, battle, Acquisitions, etc) is run through a contract that can be upgraded. However, all cards are stored in 3 databases (AngelCardData, AccessoryData, and PetCardData). These contracts do not have a kill function. There are checks in the code for instance to prevent the developers (or anyone) from issuing any more copies of any cards or any new cards, besides what is specified in the code and release schedule. The source code of the contracts is available on Etherscan.

We will also release the source code of the website, so that if for any reason this site were to go down, anyone else could add a site that would interact with the blockchain contracts just as this does. They could, for instance, change the battle animations (off chain), but it would not affect the battle outcomes (on chain)