Guide to Playing

Welcome to Angel Battles, an exciting new game on the Ethereum blockchain. With a few short instructions, you’ll be fighting your way to the top of Mt. Zion in no time. This page is the ‘hub’ that provides an overview of the different modules and links to get detailed information about each.

The game is run as a decentralized app (Dapp) on the Ethereum blockchain to provide 100% uptime and to verify the ownership of each unique card. This also means that no one can ‘cheat’, not even the people who made the game.

Step 0 — Everyone should read the disclaimer/terms and conditions, especially if you are new to crypto and blockchains. Learn what this game is and how it works.

Step 1 — If you haven’t done it already, you need to Connect to the Blockchain. Remember, you only need to do this once and you can use any DApp.

Acquisitions - Now comes the fun part — It’s time to start building your team. You can get the first Angel, Barakiel and the first pet, the Gecko for free. You can find detailed instructions here.

Basically, a battle team consists of an Angel and a Pet. Angels have Battle Power (set on creation) and Experience (gained by Battling). Pets have Luck(set on creation) and Aura Power (gained by Training). Accessories can make your team stronger in battle or give you an easier time attracting a wild pet.

Training — Build the Aura Power of your teams by training an angel with one or two pets. Anyone can train, but you will make more progress with compatible Auras. See detailed instructions.

Arena Battles — Once you are ready for battle, choose to enter the Wimpy Cirrus Meadows, Menacing Nimbus Forest, or the Thuuuuuuuunderdome! The level of difficulty increases in each arena. In the each arena, you will face either a Monster or a Wild Pet. If you defeat a Wild Pet, you will add it to your team for free. See detailed instructions.

Leaderboard Battle — Make your way up Mt. Zion by facing other Angel and Pet teams from players around the world. See how long you can hold one of the top 20 spots! See detailed instructions. Anyone can also open up a Sponsored Leaderboard which rewards the winners with medals and ETH.

Breeding — Once you have two breedable pets, you can breed them in order to gain a new, potent ally. Some of the most powerful pets in the game can only be earned through breeding. Get a card that doesn’t fit in your strategy? You can always sell or trade it in the marketplace. See detailed instructions.

Marketplace — The marketplace connects players with the time, energy, skill and luck to develop powerful Angels and Pets with those who want to reach elite status as quickly as possible. Buy, sell, and trade your cards to form teams with compatible Auras as well as legendary power. Right now we are on the Wyvern Exchange and are working on adding several others.

Medals — In some ways medals are like Achievements in other games, but they can also be traded to other players or burned in Battleboards to gain a quick HP boost. See detailed instructions.

Battleboards — Form a team of 3 and face another team on a 2D board where you can grab temp and permanent boosts and win the other team’s pets. Paid versions will be here in the future. See detailed instructions.

Future — Check out this page to see some of our future plans!

The Cornu Monster — A mysterious black bird in Irish lore, said to be a demon banished by St. Patrick under the waters of Lough Derg.

Need help? See how to rescue lost transactions or join our discord.