Mar 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Medals function similarly to ‘achievements’ in other games, but they are tradable and will also give you advantages in the upcoming story more. They can also be ‘burned’ for a one-time boost in battles.

Medals are currently the last part of the game to be implemented, due to the difficulty of communication between the main chain and side chains. For angel battles 2.0, we also need to think carefully about how the medals will be affected by the redesign. The following information was for the legacy game, and will be changed going forward.

Medal Database (Etherscan)

Claim Medals 1 (Etherscan)

Claim Medals 2 (Etherscan)

We will report both the actual number of medals earned as well as the theoretical maximum possible number that could be created. For instance, since there are only 45 of most cards, it will be unlikely that there could be much more than 45 Zeronium medals.

In the case that the number of players who qualify exceed the total number of medals, they will be awarded to the first players who claim them.

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The Titanium medal is awarded directly by the developers, and is reserved for things like future tournaments (perhaps 5 on 5 angels, etc) and special contributions (ie, for exchanges who list our tokens, press coverage, users who bring many others in, finding bugs, etc)

The higher medals will have checks to prevent for instance, transferring all your cards to another account and claiming medals twice.

Want to chat with other players and developers? Head over to our discord.

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