Sponsored Leaderboards — Earn ETH for battling.

Mar 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Sponsored Leaderboards

Anyone can open a sponsored leaderboard by sending a certain amount of ETH to the sponsored leaderboard contract. They can also record a message in the blockchain forever, as well as a url that our website can link to.

The leaderboard is a 4 team board that will be open for the number of days specified by the sponsor. Right now sponsors can choose any time between 4 and 10 days. The data contract which controls this is open source and available here. Key Rules/Notes:

  • The board is not closed/finalized automatically at the end time — this is just the earliest time it can close. Each transaction after the end time has a 20% chance to close the board. Once it’s closed, all ETH rewards are paid out and teams are locked in place.
  • There is no cooldown period for battling on the board — send as many transactions as you want, although you will earn no exp.
  • Cards on the board still can still earn exp/aura in the Arena Battles.
  • In order to discourage everyone from only entering the boards at the end, the defending team has a very slight advantage. Boards are seeded with Berakiel teams, which should be easy to defeat.
  • You can only enter a team you own, but anyone can move up another team. This stops someone from putting their strongest team in 4th to take all the rewards.
  • Once you enter a team, you ride with them until the board is closed or you are kicked off. No switching pets/accessories as in the main board.
  • Each angel, pet, and accessory can only be on ONE sponsored board at a time, in the case that multiple ones are open.
  • Battle Power and Luck matter more than Exp and Aura Power.
  • Aura is treated as components. (ie, your red vs their yellow, etc in a circle). There is a bonus if the team is compatible.

You will receive MULTIPLE rewards for placing. The first is a share of the ETH that sponsors paid.

For all leaderboards, the first place winner takes 45% of the total, second takes 25%, third takes 15%, forth takes 5% and the house takes 10%.

The second reward that you will receive will be an ERC721 Medal Token.

Finally, sponsors may also choose to offer additional prizes redeemable by email. We will include a function for ETH addresses to verify an associated email. This will of course, be optional, and not affect your ability to win ETH.

In order to not make it just about who buys the most powerful cards, each battle type has restrictions. The lowest leaderboard can only be entered with Berakiel angels, for instance.

In the unlikely event that all medals of a certain type have already been created (see below), further leaderboard winners still win the ETH and other prizes from the sponsors. The contract to claim medals for leaderboard winnings is open source and available here.

Demand from advertisers depends on the growth of the game and is hard to predict — thus the developers commit to pay to open at least 8 sponsored leaderboards during 2018 if other sponsors aren’t found.

Trust/Permission Notes: Although anyone can open a leaderboard, we reserve the right not to publish offensive or demeaning content or links on our website. Also, we are not responsible for what offers sponsors may make or their eventual fulfillment of those offers


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