Rescue ‘lost’ transactions, low gas price, etc.

If you don’t need a new angel card or to battle right away, it makes sense to set a low gas price. However, sometimes the price is TOO low, and your transaction could get stuck not being mined for days or weeks. Unfortunately, that ‘freezes’ your account as no other transactions can go through.

Ethereum uses a ‘nonce’ or transaction number in every transaction. Transactions MUST be processed in order. For instance, if you try to send through transaction 43, you must have processed 1–42 FIRST.

Thus, if you send transaction 5 with too low or a gas price, the only way around it is to send ANOTHER transaction 5 with a higher price. This will free up your account to start sending transactions 6 and above.

We will release a detailed guide with screen shots soon, but here is the basic proceedure.

First of all, you need to figure out the nonce that is stuck. You can do this is metamask, Cipher, or Etherscan.

If you are using Cipher Browser

Cipher makes this easy, simply send a transaction (for instance, to get a free angel/pet) and click on the nonce field to set it manually. (Normally, this is determined automatically)

If you are using Metamask

This one is more complicated (We recommend using your seed words to restore your accounts in Cipher and go from there)

Go to etherscan and see the data you were trying to send in the stuck transaction. Go to and click ‘send offline’ so that you can copy the data, contract address, and then you can manually set the nonce.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does you can get it unstuck. For more detailed help feel free to join our discord at