The TRUTH About Online Marketing
Ryan Lee

Hey Ryan, I somehow missed this today (and I never miss your emails) so I was happy to see your follow-up — which led me back to this one. This post was great and I hope you keep these coming as it helps me to hear this often. I recently heard a podcast with a guy I like (never bought anything from him) and he said something that I couldn’t believe. He said the days of him just sitting down and writing an email are over. He said he’s now at a level where he runs all his email by his staff copywriter! Don’t get me wrong he seems like a very genuine guy…kind, caring — all that. But that’s how people think…And that’s when they can loose the magic and authenticity. I kind of cringed as I thought if I ever get to the point where I feel I have to have a copywriter check or write my emails, I may as well hang it up. I can’t even think of that. Imagine having a copywriter check an email you’re sending to your brother. What the hell? I appreciate your living example more than you know.

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