7 Social Media Management Tools to Getting You the Best of Online Marketing and Analytics

Managing your content and pushing them to social media can be annoying and fun at the same time; depending on your approach. Despite Social media’s usefulness as a great marketing platform, the idea of generating new leads for your website through social media can be a bit of a hustle. Regardless of who you are or what you want, your marketing goals can’t be achieved entirely without using the help of third party tools which are integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others.

That said, I’ve hand-picked a couple of Social media management tools you will definitely find useful. They are:


Sceduler’s inexpensive multi-platform and easy-to-use management tool provides everything and anything you would expect a social management platform to have. Aside scheduling posts to your connected social accounts and providing you with meaningful insights on your posts, it features a real-time feed and a unique chrome extension app which allows you to access its features on any web page instantly; making it very convenient. And of course, there are no monthly subscriptions.


Used by millions globally, Hootsuite’s easy to go platform has earned its reputation as one of the best if not the best social media management tool. By helping you to respond to your posts quickly, create approval workflows and manage platform access, it includes almost every feature to meet your social marketing needs.


SproutSocial has a dynamic management platform which includes features such as a Smart inbox which keeps you updated with messages so that you don’t miss a thing especially when it matters most. Another exciting feature is its analytics tool which gives you specific insights to enable you to engage and respond to trends that appeal to you.


Buffer is a dynamic and powerful tool which allows you to share your content with all your favorite social networks. It’s also very easy to use and is an effective tool for driving traffic, increasing fan engagement and making your presence felt on social media.


Tweetdeck is an incredible social management tool which gives you a detailed overview of your Twitter, giving you absolute control over the people and things you interact with. Sadly, it’s been designed for only Twitter users. For those who want to manage multiple social network accounts, this is certainly not for you.


Previously SociaBro, Audiense has an amazing marketing platform which provides you with everything including insight and site engagement. It ideal for individuals or organisations who are looking to get ahead of their competitors. Though it lacks basic features such as scheduling tasks etc., it’s definitely a huge bargain.


Spredfast is a sophisticated platform which allows you to engage with the people you care about by allowing you to connect with them through a variety of social media networks. Another remarkable feature is its user-friendly interface.

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