Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To iOS 10 Yet.

For those who plan to install the latest update of iOS, now is certainly not the time to do so. Recent reports have revealed that users who have tried upgrading to iOS 10 have either had their phones temporarily disabled or bricked! This doesn’t sound exciting at all considering that the tech giant released this update only a few days ago.

According to Apple, it identified the glitch and has already found a solution to the problem. However, it’s not really clear if the fix has provided a permanent solution despite early reports indicating that only a few of its users encountered the problem.

To make matters even worse, T-Mobile has reportedly advised its users; particularly those using the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ to refrain from installing iOS 10 for now. It claims that these particular models are losing connection to its network, creating a huge inconvenience for customers.

That said, it’s obvious why you should hold off your upgrade for now until the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, everything should be resolved by then.

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