Filippo Passerini is bringing the back office into the boardroom.

At a glance:

Filippo Passerini, the head of P&G’s Global Business Services (GBS), describes how his organization evolved to become a strategic partner with the company’s operating units.

He explains that the consolidation of dispersed local support units, the outsourcing of nonstrategic service functions, and the blending of IT with…

(co-authored with Paul Willmott)

In a career as CIO or COO spanning more than 20 years and five diverse financial institutions, Ian Buchanan has developed an approach for the first 100 days that has served him well regardless of the corporate environment.

Key takeaways

The learning curve was steep for Ian Buchanan when he stepped into the CIO role for the first time, but focusing on relation­ ships and credibility helped him in those crucial first 100 days.

He has since applied the lessons he learned at Nomura…

(co-authored with Brad Brown and Johnson Sikes)

Boards of Directors are starting to guide management by asking the right questions about technology.

Businesses are becoming increasingly digital and it’s not just a matter of process automation or resource-planning systems. Technology trends such as big data, cloud computing, mobility, and social media are giving rise to new marketing and operational capabilities. …

(co-authored with Paul Willmott)

It’s critical to get a good start when stepping into the CIO role. Consider several measures when you shape your course.

The early months of a CIO’s tenure are an extremely important time to learn about a company’s culture and critical issues, shape an agenda for change, build relations with peers and senior leaders, and make decisions — on people, funding, and other matters — that will…

Michael Bloch

Former McKinsey Senior Partner with 23 years focused on technology and business transformation. I now help scale up non-profits on behalf of their funders.

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