Snapchat, the next social media ad agencies want to conquer

Here’s why the social media managers of advertising agencies are flocking to Snapchat.

Advertising has always been an early adopter of tech and social platforms

All ad agencies know that having a well-designed website is not enough in today’s world. That’s why most of them have created company accounts on social media platforms and are employing dedicated social media managers to handle them.

Ad agencies have already invested social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin, where they are sharing agencies news, linking to their latest campaigns and posting their job offers. Some even use their accounts as a differentiated tool to attract both clients and future employees by offering a sneak peek inside their (always cool) agency life.

Some ad agencies have even managed to attract quite a big audience with hundreds of thousands of followers and now use their accounts, as a digital influencer would do, to orchestrate the launch of campaigns for the brands that they work for.

Why ad agencies are so keen to jump on new social platforms

Basically, ad agency staffers are always eager to try new digital things to see early on how to use them and if they can be worthwhile for their clients once they gain traction.

Early Snapchat accounts help ad agencies apprehend the platform and also serve as a testing ground for ideas that will eventually be sold to clients.

Remember the early days of Vine where agencies would experiment with short-motion videos thinking that it would become the preferred use case for the platform. It turned out that the 6-second video app finally took off thanks to short-form comedy, memes and sport replay videos.

How do ad agencies use Snapchat

Snapchat has been around since 2011 and once it shook off its early image as a sexting app for teens and became the preferred messaging for the young generation, it became a social media platform impossible not to consider.

Some early users of the platform have found incredible success on the platform (such as Jérome Jarre or Shaun McBride, aka Shonduras). It wasn’t long before celebrities jumped on the platform and adopted it massively (just like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram before).

And like the other leading social platforms, Snapchat has its own particularities that one must understand in order to succeed on it.

That’s why the ad agencies accounts on the platform are heavily relying on the best practices set up by Snapchat celebrities and media accounts:

  • account takeovers by agencies staff
  • playfulness attitude through filters
  • use of geofilters
  • risk-free mentality encouraged by ephemeral life span of messages
  • interaction with viewers via private messages
  • use of vertical videos (vs horizontal videos)
  • use of front-facing camera pointing at the user (vs what the user is looking at)

Which ad agencies are already on Snapchat

For now, only some ad agencies (especially those that specialized in social media campaigns for their clients) have a regular presence on Snapchat and publish new stories almost daily.

The main ad agencies that you can find on Snapchat:

  • VaynerMedia (vaynermedia)
  • MRY (mryagency)
  • Mullen Lowe Group (mullenlowegroup)
  • Huge (hugesnaps)
  • McKinney (mckinneysnaps)
  • RPA (rpa.advertising)
  • Marcel Worldwide (marcelagency)
  • Ogilvy & Mather (ogilvy)
  • DigitasLBi (digitaslbi)
  • FF Group (fredfaridgroup)
  • Brokaw (brokawinc)
  • Sid Lee (sidlee)

Something tells us that all the major ad agencies that are already active on Twitter and Instagram will eventually follow suit and also adopt Snapchat.

Why Snapchat is the best platform for ad agencies

Because there is no viewcounts on Snapchat, it is impossible to determine how many people have seen a story. Thus, there won’t be any pissing contest between ad agencies to grow their audience artificially.
On Snapchat, it’s all about the content.

Discovery on Snapchat is not easy

You must have witness the recent phenomenon of ad agencies changing their Twitter profile pics to a snapcode. This behavior is motivated by the fact that discovery on Snapchat is still pretty tricky, compared to other social networks that we are already familiar with. You can’t simply type a name into a search box and see all the corresponding names to help you find users to follow. And you can’t go through the feed of a user to see if he or she is worth befriending. You will have to add them first and wait to view their next story before deciding to remove them or to keep them.

The snapcode helps you add a new account as a friend. All you need to do is save the image in your phone and by using the “Add by snapcode” feature on the app it will automatically add the user in your friends list. That saves you from having to manually enter them.

Where can I find a directory of ad agencies on Snapchat ?

For advertising people wanting to follow accounts from the industry or social media managers researching their competition, we have built a directory of all ad agencies already on Snapchat.

(email us at to be added on the directory)