My “Great Books” List is Live!

Friends — I have created a new page on the website which shares just a few of the great books I recommend. The page is a menu option at the top of the website, but can also be found here. The text below in this post is the introduction to the list. I hope you’ll visit often and share this list with people you know who love to read. Happy reading!


We live in a time where the ability to learn and stretch your mind are more valued than ever. But not everything has to be about “improvement” or “value”.
Experiencing joy and transcendence is part of the human experience, and I have frequently experienced both while turning the pages of a book.
As Kafka said,
“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us”
Perhaps because a digital axe would be of little use when one needs to break ice, I read books in their physical form. I spend the bulk of my waking hours reading and writing material on luminescent screens, so the comfort of a physical book is a balm for me. Also it’s a healthier way to read before bed.
I’ve avoided referring to this as my “favorite” books list because while many of them certainly are, there are too many great books I have enjoyed over the years to feel comfortable with the term. But from my perspective these are indeed great books, and I’m better for having read them.
I’m a strong believer in the importance of balance. A well-lived life should allow for time investments in the productive, social, physical, creative, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our lives. Books are a great way to stretch our minds, and as you’ll see from this list I tend to flex across a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. Many readers get stuck in one favorite category of books and rarely venture outside of it. Men in particular have a tendency read only non-fiction and shy away from literature.
Perhaps some books on this list will inspire you to slide your feet, ever so carefully, out onto your own frozen sea, axe in hand.

Originally published at Michael Diamond.