How DriveOn fosters a Community of Trust

Trust is a hard thing to get and a hard thing to keep. It takes months/years to build it with our friends and significant other but only a few minutes to lose it. Reputation builds trust. So how do you build a reputation? For us at DriveOn, we live by the mantra “Do what you say you will do.”

Have you ever noticed how some politicians are antsy every time they do an interview where others seem calm and unfazed by any question? Now maybe it’s due to decades of practice but I like to think it’s because some of these politicians have nothing to hide. You may not like every answer but they will shoot you straight. It must be a much more stress-free life for the latter than the former. I’d have a head full of gray hair if I spent every day figuring out to lie or change the truth. Why live that way? That’s why from Day 1 at DriveOn, we keep it 100 — never hiding anything.

We ask our customers to trust us. They insert their car into our network and then take someone else’s. So they are essentially handing over the keys to a stranger. They trust that we’ve vetted that other person. They trust that the other person will treat their car just like they would. They trust the other person will return their car in the same condition in which it was found. So why should they trust them? What is the other person’s incentive? Their incentive is knowing someone else is driving their car. Put a car in, take a car out. Everyone is part of our community. We share each others’ cars. Unlike a rental car company, our customers have skin in the game. Studies show you’re more likely to treat someone’s property as if it were your own if your property is also involved.

DriveOn has numerous “safety-nets” and procedures in place if there are issues. We abide by a one-strike policy — if a customer breaks a rule: they’re out. No second chances. Customers can contact us 24/7 with any issues or concerns. It’s not cheap to have US-based customer service agents manning phones and other lines of communication day and night but having experienced issues with other companies in the past I know how frustrating it is to have to wait hours to contact a human being.

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