Highs and Lows of College Studying

College is notoriously referred to as the most fun time of your life. Though many students find time for relaxation and fun. Most are overwhelmed by the stress and burdens of studying. Life is about making sacrifices, weather it’s giving up your night out for writing a paper or pulling “all-nighters” in the library for exams that week. Everyone feels as if they are the only one with this struggle, but the reality is everyone is the same boat. Setting their grades as priority number one, and putting everything else in the backseat. If you are determined and driven to succeed the satisfaction of the reward nullifies all the late nights and stress you put into what you were set out to achieve from the beginning.

Throughout this photo essay I will depict different scenarios that students face with studying. With different styles of photography and multiple types of visual rhetoric embedded into each picture. It will display how the person in the photo feels, and help pull the emotion out of the reader to give a better understanding of what each picture is trying to portray. Many pictures will be taken up close and personal in the person’s point of view to allow viewer to feel as if they are in the scenario themselves experiencing the struggles and satisfaction the image is giving off.

The purpose of this photo essay is to enlighten the people who assume that college is a four-year party where everyone has fun and nothing gets done. Whereas in reality many slave over hours of notes and grinding out papers or exams. Everyone in their lifetime will experience at least one struggle at some point in time, college students face the task of setting their priorities every day. Because at the end of the day we are all here for one thing, and that’s a piece of paper and a firm handshake.

The monotone colors embrace how most students feel about studying. Still mustering up the power to grind through the pages of notes to recieve a satisfying grade on his next exam.

The student in this picture is struggling on the attempt to stay awake all night to study for his big exam. His vision maybe be hazy, but will not stop this him from achieving the grade he is determined to make.

This student realizes when setting up her schedule for the month that she will not have one day of free time. She accepts the reality when she remebers that she only has one more semester left, and needs to finish strong.

After several sleep deprived nights this student is rewarded when checking his grade to find out he aced the test and the course.

This student is killing time trying to distract himself from the task at hand. Though he is dedicated to getting a good grade he is procrastinating away his valuable study time.

Through many hours and sacrifices this student was accepted into the honors college. Allowing him to build his schedule before everyone else, giving him the opportunity to be admitted into any course he wants without any suspense of getting in or not.

This student opens up her backpack when she realizes she has two papers due this week. She accepts the challenge and is determined to turn in two essays that meet the high expectations of her teacher.

This student is purchasing tickets to his favorite sporting event. He deserved the reward for his outstanding preformance and grades he recieved throughout the year, and all the long nights he spent studying.

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