Reading & Resources for Designing Better Experiences: Week of 4/24

My latest finds for those who are passionate about making online and offline experiences better for the humans (#ux #cx #sxd #futureofwork)


The Road to Mediocrity is Paved with Best Practices
by Austin Knight
Best practices have their place, but Austin makes a compelling case for rethinking when and how to use them.

The Business Case for a Great Employee Experience
by Annette Franz Gleneicki
Looking for some solid research to persuade your leadership to pay attention to employee experience? Well, Annette Franz Gleneicki has done the heavy-lifting for you and put together a great article, compiling a wealth of research references and insight summaries.

The Rise of User Experience Leadership — Business Embraces Design
by Jose Coronado
Good advice for fostering a business culture that values UX

How to Make Difficult Product Decisions Now, not Later
by Jonathan Courtney
Have a design problem that you need action on?. The team at AJ&Smart lay out how they use a few of the exercises found in Design Sprints to make quick decisions and get things done.

Decisions, Decisions
by Future Of Work
The team over at NOBL/FutureOfWork always have great advice. This post discusses the importance of uncovering assumptions and having clarity around what you’re ‘not’ choosing to do, or focus on, when you select a specific strategy or goal.


DIY Learn
I haven’t been able to dive into these classes yet, but it looks like a great way to get more familiar with the amazing set of collaboration frameworks that DIY offers (for free)

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