Building a brand that stands for something.

When starting a start up there are so many things you have to do and a lot more you would like to do. From day one you make small sacrifices around the things you would like to do in order to keep the foot to the floor in the pursuit of driving forward on the things you have to do.

However, overtime, as you grow the team gets organized and creates structure — you get a chance to visit the nice to do list. When you look at it, you suddenly realise that what was a nice to do at the beginning is suddenly a must do. One such item on our list was, brand.

In the beginning, you are more concerned with just making things work and getting people to use your product but brand is one of the most important assets you will ever have. As you gain traction it becomes centre point. You build around it. It should be the rallying flag that you create a company around — as well as being the face of the business that connects with your customers and users. It is emotive. It becomes synonymous with the value you create through product experience as well as the values you stand for as a company.

Ultimately, at the beginning, your brand is an empty vessel waiting to be filled up with value. Until then it sits in isolation. Something you are very pleased with but no one else knows or cares about. Getting the product right so that users love it and customers feel its value are what count. As important, is creating a company culture and purpose that stand for something.

The Yoyo logo came as a by-product of some design work we had done when putting the first prototype together. Its simplicity fit naturally with the product we were creating and our name.

Our first logo.

Over the next two years small tweaks here and there moved the brand forward and sometimes backwards. The problem with playing around the edges is that over time you could be in danger of eroding away what little identity you started with. On the other hand, learning from the mistakes set you up to do better.

Simplification and owning our colour was the drive behind an early change after a complete product face lift.
Name change from JustYoyo to Yoyo Wallet, alongside some tinkering with the colour.

Recently though we were able to do some real work on brand. We commissioned Edge Design after putting together a brief that was entirely honest about the mistakes we felt we had made and the good things we believed we had done. We were clear about the feeling we were trying to achieve and the experience we wanted to create.

In our meetings we were clear about the direction we wanted to go but clear that they had the freedom to challenge and to design, without committee. We shared our company values and our core messages. We need to be associated with payment, but known for so much more. We spoke about the need to be distinctive, recognisable and memorable.

We are pleased give you a sneak peak of our new logo.

Thinking with the end in mind.

We stand for more than just payment. This makes us unique in the industry. We are in a noisy space that is only getting louder. While the incumbents focus on making payment relevant for mobile, we are making mobile relevant for retail.

We wanted our logo and brand to reflect that. Thank you to the team at Edge Design for listening, challenging and delivering.

Michael, Alain and the Yoyo team.