Yoyo Wallet now connects with Apple Pay

It’s finally happened: Apple Pay has launched in the UK. One thing is for certain, there will be a huge amount of commentary and blogging over the next few weeks. We are going to be bold and say this is going to be the most interesting one you’ll read; not because of its style or use of the English language, but because of what it will tell you about how Yoyo has connected Apple Pay into our ‘Smart Wallet’.

This means that users of Yoyo Wallet can now make a payment using Apple Pay as their preferred funding method, automatically collect loyalty points/stamps and receive a fully itemized digital receipt that tells you exactly what you bought. All this via a scan of a QR code on your iPhone or Apple Watch! Basically, everything you just read after the payment part is a world first when it comes to using Apple Pay.

Here’s how. Yoyo integrates into the retailer’s point of sale via a simple transaction API that passes full SKU level (basket) data with the payment authorization request. We also enable them to create their own loyalty program and as a result of having full basket data we automate the whole collection and reward process as part of the transaction. Imagine a retailer wants to issue a stamp for a latte but not for a tea — we give them that level of control. We can even enable them to give their best customer — let’s call him ‘Jony’ — an automatic 10% discount without anyone having to do anything at the till. It just makes sense that we provide the customer with a fully itemized receipt too. After all, that is what your ‘smart wallet’ should do for you.

We are proud to say that Yoyo Wallet is a launch partner for Apple Pay. It means that users of Yoyo Wallet can now simply add Apple Pay as a funding method to their Yoyo Wallet app and benefit from all the additional ‘smart wallet’ features of Yoyo Wallet.

Michael, Alain and the Yoyo team.

Just one more thing! Check out www.yoyowallet.com/api More on that another time!

Yoyo is a ‘smart wallet’ that seamlessly blends payment, loyalty and rewards via mobile, watch and card. Launched in January 2014 at Imperial College, London and is now processing hundreds of thousands of transactions a month made by tens of thousands of users across the UK’s leading Universities and head office catering outlets.

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