5 things SEO for business owners

All the combined parts to SEO success

As business owners, you don’t always have either the knowledge or the time to stay on top of the latest movements in the SEO world, and who can blame you when things change twice every hour. For that purpose and for your benefit we have come up with 5 things that you should keep an eye on to make sure that your websites perform optimally, cause let’s face it, without an optimal website today, you fall behind your competitors and that has a direct influence on revenues. Fall behind too much and entire companies can rise or fall on a wrong implementation of your website.

So - let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

1. AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages

On April 21 2015 the world saw a major shift in the way google ranks websites on their SERP (Search Engines Results Page) when they launched their mobile-first algorithm — this was to be given the name “Mobilegeddon”. After this ranking change google first looked at how a given website ranked for mobile, and only then on desktop. This was a logical change from Google that was later confirmed during 2016 where mobile traffic was 65% of all web-traffic. With this number increasing steadily an answer had to come at some point. In 2015 Google, together with an impressive number of large corporations, launched the AMP project. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages aims to give mobile users an instant and flawless experience when browsing on their phones. In SEO we say that content is king, well if links are queen the speed must certainly be the prince, and the shorter the page load time of your website the better the ranking that you get (if the other two are implemented correctly), and better rankings means better revenues and a better name for your business.

2. Bring your SEO in on the action

Regardless if you’re a start-up or a company that’s been around since the turn of the millennia, or longer than that, there is one constant — we all need to renew ourselves with the times, or we will be left behind. This is especially true for online where everything changes every 5 minutes — give or take a little. By renewing in this instant I am referring to the websites, and as such, this is where your SEO will be invaluable to your project. As the one person in your organization with his ear to the ground regarding the rumblings of the search engines, and customer expectation, he — or she — is the perfect person to make sure that any website project is on par with the search engine expectations of today whether it be what platform that is most logical for the organization to place it on, what structure the website should have, how the texts should be built, what keywords are most beneficial for your organization and much more. So use the power that you have with your SEO to make sure that he or she is an integral part of your project. At the very least it will save you a lot of headaches later on when you will have to change things to fit the user expectations.

3. Don’t underestimate the need for a budget

By looking at the digital marketing sphere, it is easy to quantify the ROI’s of most of the parts of it. You can talk CPA for media or CPL for PPC and through those you can determine an exact budget you want to put on a campaign, and you know what results to expect from it. When you look at the beginnings of an SEO campaign it will be much more difficult for you (more often than not) to decide what type of budget you should allocate to the project, something that companies tend to underestimate. But fret not, the budget that you place on a successful SEO campaign will pay itself back over time, because unlike PPC or media, SEO can become self-sustaining.

4. Measure and test everything

To create an accurate image of the results from your SEO campaign you should monitor and test everything that happens. Everything should be tracked; how many visitors do you have? What page do they land on? What is the second page that they go to? How many leave your site after visiting 2 pages? All these are highly relevant questions that when put in to the proper perspective can give you vital clues about the progress and the impact that your website will have on your business environment.

5. Have Faith

SEO takes time, and it takes money, but it also takes faith. Quantifying the results of your SEO campaign may be more difficult than quantifying the other parts of your digital marketing campaigns. But, as I have stated in this article, it’s at least equally — if not more — important to have a proper, well-structured and measured SEO campaign. It will spread your name and your message and if executed correctly, itcan boost your brand to the pinnacle of your industry. What I have presented here is a part of holistic SEO where all the parts work together — to use a famous quote: the whole is then greater than the sum of its parts.

Good luck!