Connor the Human

Connor the human spends most of his days learning. He learns accounting and writing among other subjects. But these average days aren’t his favorite. In fact, he says a perfect day is when he doesn’t have to do much of anything. Connor likes to be around his friends and family, and with these people doing just about anything will be fun, from sitting around on couches to going out to see other people. Among his companions is a smaller, furrier friend called a “dog” who doesn’t speak the same language. Connor assures me that the language barrier doesn’t prohibit the relationship from being meaningful.

Connor spends his free time running. Connor goes to the beach to run while simultaneously enjoying the view of the Milwaukee shore. Although I have a hard time understanding his interest in such an activity, I can tell it makes him happy by how excited he sounds when he tells me about it.

When all of his energy has depleted, and he can’t run or learn anything else, Connor relaxes by lying down, listening to music, and catching up with his thoughts. He has so many of these thoughts that sometimes he doesn’t get to sleep as much as the other humans. For example, right now he is thinking about his accounting homework that he didn’t finish.

Connor cares a lot about a lot of things, including his grades, his possessions, and the other humans in his life. But Connor’s highest priority is being the best version of himself he can be. He seems to be doing well in this area.

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