How I Fell in Love at the Public Market

The love of my life

If you live in Milwaukee, chances are you’ve been to the Public Market. If you’re smart, you go at 5:30 on a Tuesday night to avoid the crowds.

Right in the center of the market is the West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe. This is one of the OG Public Market shops, selling the finest of our state’s cheeses and sausages to Wisconsinites and tourists alike.

Tess has worked for the Cheese and Sausage Shoppe for five years and can definitely be considered a connoisseur (by my standards, which is just knowing more than me about cheese). Initially, I was happy just eating my BLT from their gourmet deli. But after some push, I had no choice but to dive in for some cheese samples.

But if I’m going to sample some fine cheese, I’m not going for some basic cheddar or even a typical Swiss. I want gourmet cheese. I want exciting cheese. This is where Tess’s expertise came to my rescue. The first cheese Tess suggested was called the “Mobay.” Grapevine ashes divide a layer of goat cheese and a layer of sheep cheese, creating one of the most unique combinations I’ve known. Until this moment, I didn’t know sheep cheese was a thing, let alone that it was delicious. Color me impressed.

Things only got more interesting from here. Calling my name from the glass bubble of cheeses was something I could not resist: chocolate cheese. That’s right. Chocolate cheese. CHOCOLATE CHEESE. I didn’t hesitate to sample this one and Tess assured me it was one of her longtime favorites.

From the first bite my life was altered forever. Chocolate and cheese have been two of my most treasured loves since the dawn of time. Today, here in the Milwaukee Public Market, they joined together and I was a witness. What a beautiful moment.

I’ve heard of people falling in love at the Public Market, and even holding their weddings here. I feel as though that happened for me today. Although a bit unconventional, my relationship with chocolate cheese is here to stay, just like the West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe.